Polar Star

    ‘Like a beast, the net came steaming up the ramp and into the sodium lamps of the trawl deck. Like a gleaming pelt, mats of red, blue, orange strips covered the mesh: plastic "chafing hair" designed to ease the net's way over the rocks of the sea bottom. The rank breath of the sea made halo of the colors, brilliant in the weepy night. Over the deck poured bruised-looking bullheads, overlapping waves of flatfish and cod. And a girl who slid loose-limbed as a swimmer from the net.’

Fisherman on fishing trawler

    ‘"Impossible to put down . . . a book of heart-stopping suspense and intricate plotting, but also a meticulously researched, ambitious literary work of great distinction."

- The Detroit News

    ‘"Martin Cruz Smith writes the most inventive thrillers of anyone in the first rank of thriller writers."

- Washington Post Book World

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