Stallion Gate

    ‘The lead bomber settled lower to the ground. Joe could make out a green light within the plexiglass nose. A green bombardier pointed down and the phosphorous bomb, as bright as snow crystals, hit the valley floor. Out of the bomb came horses brilliant with lather in the glare ...'

Pueblo Indian artwork

Artwork by Luisa Cruz Sanders

    ‘... The horses were mustangs out of the mountains and mares the ranchers had left behind. At a distance of a mile, Joe could hear the sound of their breath through the sound of pistons and hydraulics and 50 caliber rounds. The mustangs and bombers moved like a single storm, until nothing could be seen except the flash that resembled an occasional, faraway stroke of lightning. What Joe remembered best was what Oppenheimer said when they were alone, "It was awful, but it was beautiful." ’

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